• The Tipi shelving system can be adapted to your needs

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    Human beings have slowly turned more fickle minded than ever, and are constantly redesigning and rearranging their living spaces, so much, that designers have now begun crafting furniture that can change and adapt to a user’s needs, whenever required. One such concept is Joynout’s Tipi shelving system. This tipi-shaped shelves can quickly be reorganized, transferred, assembled, changed, disassembled and rebuilt whenever required.

    The Tipi adapts to a user’s requirement and can be used as a filing case, a work bench, a clothes hanger and can serve a load of more purposes, requiring just your imagination and practicality. The best part of it all is the dedicated space for a potted plant, making the Tipi a green addition to your home.



    [Via – Yankodesign]

    Topics: Furniture Tags: on February 28, 2014
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