• The Paragon Gaming Desk is a gamer’s dream come true

  • What is a PC gamer or a console gamer looking for when searching for the most comfortable gaming workstation? We know gamers are willing to pay for the best gaming experience. At the same time a gamer is looking to storage for storing the innumerable games he or she has. It would also be easier if the gamer were able to manage equipment and cords at the same time, while maintaining proper wrist and back posture for extended periods of time.

    The Paragon Gaming Desk is a comfortable, convenient and simplified desk that caters to the needs of a maturing gaming market. This table has built in power strips and foam slots to keep cords secure and organized. At the same time, you can adjust the leg height depending on how high or low you would want the table to be. You can store accessories like headphones in the shelves provided where you could also sneak in a few snacks.

    It is really easy to construct using a simple wrench assembly with a handful of bolts. The gaming desk keeps the PC tower out in the open to allow for enough ventilation and at the same time, providing unobstructed view of the display screen. Designed by American designer Tom Balko, the table, should hit the stores soon enough.


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