• The Motion bookcase works as a literary seat too!

  • Looking for a great way to read a good book while resting your backbone? The Motion seat is the perfect way to do so. Designed by Hyunjin Seo from the Seoul-based design group KamKam, this seat sports enough place for you sit or lie down while boasting enough space to store a bunch of books. Designed curvaceously, this bookcase doubles up as a perfect seat for you to grab a few lines and works as a great piece of furniture, be it at home in a study or at the community library! Also, if you’ve got your doubts of this one rolling away with you trapped in the middle, leave your doubts at bay. The designers behind the Motion have made sure this beautiful bookcase doesn’t turn into an unstoppable giant wheel.


    Topics: Furniture Tags: on December 29, 2011
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      Geetu Gupta

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