• Super-human Wood Luck bed protects your from falling debris during earthquakes

  • Being crushed in your own abode due to the not-so-appeasing vibes of an earthquake with stuff falling all around you isn’t the best way to meet your maker. And as we’ve all been taught, taking shelter under furniture or in a doorway is one of the best ways to survive a disaster as such. Shinko Industries has now come up with a super-human bed that assures to keep you safe during earthquakes, christened the Wood Luck bed. Capable of holding up nearly 65 tons of pressure, enough to keep you breathing till rescue arrives, this bed is made from aged cedar and strong metal fittings. Available as a double bed or a single unit for folks who sleep alone, this bed is priced at $5,600, a price most panophobic folk wouldn’t mind shelling out.


    Topics: Furniture Tags: on August 25, 2012
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