• Steel Coffee Table sports full-fledged tourbillion watch movement!

  • Watches and coffee tables have never had much to do with each other before. However, when a conventional coffee table has its simple-looking center leg ripped out to be replaced by a larger-than-life visible tourbillion watch movement you’re bound to be left awestruck, just the way we were when we stumbled across this Steel Coffee Table concept. Sporting a glass top and wooden gears which are completely made from hand, this customized table is indeed a piece of furniture just about any watch-lover would love to adorn his living space with. The table however has been pulled of the market, with every piece ever produced sold for $9000. So if you still wish to have one of these, you might just need to dig through a bunch of current owners until you stumble into one who actually wishes to sell this out-of-the-box table!


    Topics: Furniture Tags: on June 20, 2012
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