• Sleep, work, play, read – all on Connect

  • If we were to hunt for the top activity we like to indulge in these days, it would be to be buried in one of our communication gadgets like a palm top, notepad, laptop etc or the conventional act of reading – nothing beyond these two options. Designer Joan Rojeski, thus, created a design called ‘Connect’. It is a work+play sofa. It is a comfortable sofa that can be used to sleep, work, read and laze. Yes, many couches allow these but this one is unique because it has little crevices positioned to help you stack your books right next to where you sit. You can also work on it by ripping off a cushion to rest your laptop on. This is such an interesting couch – but obesity and lethargy could be an issue.


    Topics: Furniture Tags: on October 22, 2012
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