• Scopohilia red-velvet chair covered in hundreds of plastic eyeballs!

  • We’ve never had furniture so eye-catching before, literally. Called the Scopohilia (love of looking), this concept chair by Fiona Roberts is covered with plastic eyeballs. Covered in red velvet with the eyeballs lining the seat and back rest, the chair gives users and observers the feeling of being looked at. Part of the designer’s graduate show at the Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition 2012 in Adelaide, this eyeball chair is also surprisingly comfortable, with the plastic balls working as a soothing texture for your back. Beautiful, completely out-of-the-box and a little intimidating, particularly for those who hate being stared at, the Scopohilia eye-ball chair is bound to grab a second look!


    Topics: Furniture Tags: , on October 5, 2012
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