• Pavel Stejskal’s E-Desk is a sophisticated way to cook

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    Our home as we know it will soon transition into a futuristic mix of technology and practicality. With designs pouring onto store shelves regularly, our lives our destined to be a lot easier in the near future. One such design is Pavel Stejskal’s E-Desk. This concept is basically a cooking table on which you can prepare a sumptuous meal without a hitch. Sporting a table as well as a cooktop, the E-Desk sports a gap that doubles up as a drain path, directed directly into a waste box.

    And that’s not all. This gap also works as a digestor! The table is designed to look as extraordinary as ever. The designer has done away with chunky cooktop designs and has opted for a sleek and minimalist look. Complete with a sophisticated wood and steel finish, the E-Desk will bring you back to your cooking space time and again!






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