• Mathy by Bols designs beds that’ll make naptime easier, for parents

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    As kids, most of us hated nap time. Not only because of those ferocious monsters nestled below our beds, but also because of the fact that sleeping was considered as a waste of time, especially when there’s a whole world and a long summer vacation to explore! The designers at Mathy by Bols have come up with a way to make sleep-time interesting though, an A-frame bed called the Cabin Tent Bed that literally gives kids the experience of sleeping in a tent, sans the bugs and mosquitoes!

    And that’s not all! The jolly folks at Mathy by Bols have also designed tear-drop-shaped Camper Beds as well as a Treehouse Bunk Bed, which according to us, is the best of this fantastic line-up! Obviously, this one’s going to have kids fighting over who gets to sleep in the tree-house every night and who sleeps below the stilts!

    [Via – Design-Milk]

    Topics: Furniture Tags: on March 15, 2014
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