• The Foldigon coffee-table-seat is ‘out-of-the-box’!

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    Let’s face it. Sitting on a coffee table is never a great idea and acts like these have led to broken backs and broken furniture quite often before. The Rami Tareef Studio decided to put an end to people falling off broken coffee tables and has come up with the Foldigon concept, a coffee table that literally opens out and transforms into a comfortable seating arrangement!

    The Foldigon seems inspired by the art of origami and sports a folded seat, neatly tucked inside the coffee table. To open up the seat, all one needs to do is pull open the lid-top of the coffee table and unfold the soft insides. This coffee-table-chair is great for those who love out-of-the-box furniture, literally, and those who live in smaller homes where space is more or less a luxury.



    [Via – Designrulz]

    Topics: Furniture Tags: on February 18, 2014
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