• Flux Chair concept designer seating solution folds down flat

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    Let’s face it, not every foldable and portable seating solution looks great and more often than not, these lose out on their aesthetics to make up for practicality. That’s what sets the Flux Chair a mile apart from the rest. This chair, designed and developed by Flux, is a designer seat that folds down flat. To make portability easier, the chair sports a handle for users to carry it around when folded.

    The chair is great for both indoor and outdoor use. Using this one as a seating solution at home helps save up on floor space, without taking too much of room for storage. Outdoors, this chair can quickly be deployed and used at family outings like picnics and cook-outs. The best part of it all is the fact that the Flux Chair can literally be folded down and sent across by mail!






    [Via – Design-Rulz]

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