• Flower blooms to accommodate six

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    Functional furniture or the type that allows you to stow it away can be very handy in homes that have a space crunch. I guess Fatih Can SARIÖZ identifies this need, because he has an interesting idea that exemplifies wrap-it-up dining table. The Flower ironically is a dining table, with seating (chairs) structured as green petals! Ironic, because I don’t think there are any green-petal-flowers in the world. The table is the central focus, which holds the stands of the chair. The set simply blossoms open, just like a flower, to offer comfortable seating for six people. Ideal for the backyard or near the pool, it’s a set that could do justice even inside your home, if you suffer from lack-of-space in matchbox homes!


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    Topics: Furniture Tags: on December 1, 2008

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