• Fall asleep in a flower with Maya’s Bed

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    Since I was little, I’ve always dreamt of having a huge four poster bed with pretty pink curtains. I never thought that fantasy would change up until now. I stumbled upon this amazing Maya’s Bed. This one surpasses any I’ve ever seen before. It’s located in a gallery as a part of the Pixel Hotel as a show piece. It looks very contemporary, but it is structured like a flower which reminds me of Thumbelina’s story. How lovely it would be to have the illusion of falling asleep in a blossom. You will lie in your deep and cozy slumber one metre above the ground when you choose this bed. It has three backrests which are like flower petals. Thomas Feichtner describes the bed as a flower with petals and draws parallels to the children’s TV series “Maya the Bee“ from his childhood years. This is indeed a beautiful bed.


    Topics: Furniture Tags: on November 16, 2009

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