• Designer Hilla Shamia blends wood and aluminum to create seamless furniture

  • wood-casting-furniture-5We’ve seen aluminum and wood being used together to create mild-mannered pieces of furniture before. Never have we seen the two materials blend into each other so well however, and Israel-based product designer Hilla Shamia has managed to come up with a line of seating arrangements that are more than just a highly practical visual treat. Using innovative wood casting techniques, Shamia’s line of furniture prove that natural materials can blend extremely well with those manipulated by human hands.

    To create these pieces, Shamia pours molten aluminum into a mold and directly onto the wooden surface of cypress and eucalyptus tree trunks. The molten metal absorbs into the cracks and forms a well-polished surface. Quoting Shamia, “I kept on thinking about how I find joy in nature. Nature has paths and things get stuck along the way. I wanted to do the same with wood, to take it and do something to it that’s never been done.”





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