• Cocoon 1 provides for personal space at home

  • Finding a secluded corner in your crowded and noisy urban apartment isn’t all that easy these days. We’ve just come across a concept that fits right inside your home and gives you that space away from the bustle. Called the Cocoon 1 and rightly so, this concept is an enclosure inside which you can rest, read or simply day dream!

    Aesthetically pleasing and reminiscent of a snow-globe, the Cocoon 1 also manages to blend your personal space with the surroundings, using translucent walls to its advantage. Well-designed and aesthetically and ergonomically sound, the Cocoon 1 is the perfect space at home to settle down and soothe your ruffled feathers!


    Topics: Featured, Furniture Tags: on November 9, 2012
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      Geetu Gupta

      Contributing Editors