• Caterpillar chair by Kim Xerock turns into a bed and back!

  • So, you’ve always fancied having a chair in your tiny living space, though thanks to space crunches, you’ve simply never managed to bring one home, right? Well, here’s a concept that’s bound to have you jumping with joy! Designed by Kim Xerock for the Red Dot Award, the Caterpillar works as both, a comfortable bed as well as a tall-back chair! And you don’t really need to spend too long to have this one converted either. All you need to do is have the chair stand up on its four legs when you’re looking for seating space, and drop it flat back on the floor to turn it into a bed. Made of carbon fiber and polypropylene, this one’s light too, and is a great way to bring multifunctional furniture into your living space.


    Topics: Furniture Tags: on December 12, 2011
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