• Adjustable DB Fletcher dining table expands as per your requirements

  • With the world slowly turning into a smaller place and urban areas swelling with population outburst, living spaces are slowly shrinking in size. And with smaller dwelling places, extravagantly large and pompous furniture isn’t the best way around. Instead, furniture like this extremely versatile dining table by DB Fletcher sure seems to be an ideal way to dining in smaller apartment homes. For one, this table can be expanded to suit the user’s taste and need. Using extendable modules that come with a simple lock-and-release mechanism, the table as a whole can be further adjusted using hydraulic systems nestled in its steel core. So once you’re done with your dinner party and your jolly good friends have had their fill, detach those extra lengths added to this table and have it fit snug in your apartment!


    Topics: Furniture Tags: on December 7, 2011
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