• Vitalia blooms with concentration, wilts with deviation

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    To sum it all up Vitalia is a friendly machine that “feels” like you, arouses emotions, helps you learn and has many facets. Essentially I have just strung together German designer Ellen Herzog’s description for this wonderful light concept, that blooms like a flower when the optimum conditions are available for a child to do concentrated work like studies. A conducive environment is always beneficial for learning, and no one knows it better that a mother like me, who has to struggle with the kids to sit down for a session of serious studies. Even in classrooms, teachers are always at on their toes, coping with the lack of efforts by indifferent children. The Vitalia shows the pupils whether air and light quality surrounding them are conducive enough for work.

    The Vitalia makes the children aware of their surroundings and attunes them to meaning of climatic influences and makes them aware of the light situation into the classroom. Although no numerical value has been formulated, the uniquely calibrated Vitalia has its own way of judging the environment.

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