• Tribe Studio helps store bicycles in a Sydney home’s ceiling

  • bicycle-pulley-system-1One of the great things of owning a bicycle is the fact that parking that darned contraption isn’t half as difficult as parking a gas-guzzling V6. Keeping this in mind, Australian architects Tribe Studio managed to use the atrium of a home in Sydney for an extraordinary bicycle-parking space! The Studio extended the House Bruce Alexander and added a new volume made from masonry, timber and supporting structural steel columns. This enabled the architects to create a pulley system that literally helps users to store their bicycles in the ceiling of the house!

    Speaking to Dezeen.com, Tribe Studio said, “We extended the old double-storey terrace by adding a new volume and built an attic above the existing first floor in the front part of the house.” The system is a neat and practical way to tuck away bicycles indoors, without having to compromise on space or the aesthetics of your home.




    [Via – Dezeen]

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