• The Magnetic Lamp is a source of U-light

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    The bend in lamp makes you think you are holding a jug-handle without the jug, but in reality it’s a lamp that sticks onto most metallic surfaces. Like magic-tricks that enthralled as kids, the Magnetic Lamp takes inspiration from the Attraction-properties of a magnet. Designed on the lines of a horseshoe magnet, the lamp is fashioned U, with rubber tips at both the ends. Composed of two sections, the rubber tips and the lamp, designer Seokmoon Woo conceals the magnets in the rubber end. When you place the tips onto a metallic surface, the magnets latch-on to the surface plus trigger off the internal switch, which turns on the lamp.

    To switch off the lamp, only simply has to peal away the lamp from the attracted surface. This is an interesting concept, but I have to wonder what kind of a lamp will be used here. Although the designer has provided the lamp with separate metallic rods to work the lamp, I wonder how efficient the system will be.

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