• The Bathtub Folder, a table and a seat for your bathtub

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    There might have been times, in your bathtub, when you’d have just loved a table surface nearby to place that refreshing glass of your suited beverage. You could now use the Bathtub Folder, a contraption by Jihoon Shin that turns into a table or a seat and attaches to a bathtub. Somewhat inspired by the designs used in airplanes and on school-seats, this add-on to your bathtub is simple to assemble and fit. Adjust the hook as you fit it on according to the size of your bathtub’s walls; turn the knob and it’s ready to use!

    When not in use, you can also fold this one down to the side and quickly pull it up whenever required. Finally, a sturdy surface in your bathtub to place your glass of wine!

    Topics: Fixtures Tags: on September 20, 2010

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