• Slim&Strong Lamp by Delphine Frey

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    Design students these days are breaking all norms and treading unchartered territories to create some of the most unique designs with the most extraordinary materials. The Slim&Strong is a beautiful product of such an endeavor by design graduate Delphine Frey who pursued a Mas Luxe diploma at ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne) in Switzerland. Slim&Strong is a unique desk lamp or console lamp made from carbon fiber. According to Frey, this lamp was born from the association of two different universes; the softness and elegance of the haute couture pleat meet the rigidity of carbon. This object represents the encounter of an ancestral know-how with the latest technology. The pleats are not only esthetical; but they also hide the leds and add rigidity to the structure. A beautiful creation, Frey has definitely created a functional design masterpiece with the Slim&Strong lamp.

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