• ‘SleepBox’ helps catch those 40 winks in dire situations!

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    There has been so many times when the flight has got postponed, or when I have missed a train and have had to wait for hours at the airport or the station. Sitting idle on the chair of the waiting area for hours together is something I totally despise, and especially when I’m sleepy or have a back ache due to the constant travelling. Arch group from Russia has come up with an ideal solution by designing a mobile space unit, where a traveler could just pop in to catch some forty winks. ‘Sleepbox’ is a small mobile space (box) 2mx1.4mx2.3m (h), whose primary function is to let people sleep peacefully for a few hours, in emergency situations. This could be installed in railway stations, airports, even on the streets or even in offices etc. A perfect solution I think. The biggest asset of the design is that the bed linen gets changed automatically via rollers after a user uses it. The box, apart from having a bed, also has space for keeping your luggage, has plug points to charge your mobile phone or laptop, Wi-Fi and built-in LCD. By paying a rent fee this could be hired from a range of 15 minutes to a few hours.


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