• Rambler Socket for your wall

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    You can now move your vacuum cleaner around the house without the fear of having it unplugged with the newly designed Rambler Socket. As the name suggests, you can actually ramble around with the socket tailing behind you. Extension cords seem out of place and out dated when compared to this new design. This 1.5 meter cord is rolled up and slipped into a hole in the wall behind a socket. When needed, all you need to do is pull the cord out and connect your appliance instead of using an extension. When you’ve finished using it, just give the cord a slight tug. This activates a spring mechanism that helps wind the cord back into the wall. Designed by Meysam Movahedi, the Rambler Socket is idle for use at home for movable appliances. Though skeptics reckon that over heating of the cord may cause short circuits and fires, with a proper insulation in place, this new innovation will surely help do-away with the extension cord.

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