• ‘Light Handrail’ shows way in the dark

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    Making the most of the least is always an admirable quality. Zhi-Jie Liu and Si-Jie Wang have done just that! Who would have ever imagined a simply daily used thing like a hand rail can undergo a modification like the one they have thought of. Their hand railing features lit up ads and public interest messages with laser-engraving technique which is truly unique. The Light Handrail also has e-paper displays that are lined at appropriate distances. I can predict this is one product of the future that is going to be in popular use in the years to come. They can feature hundreds of small time ads, give entry-exit directions in dimly lit environments, even have fancy patterns like flowers to welcome guests in some place etc. This will soon be another medium of out-of home advertising I’m predicting!


    Topics: Fixtures Tags: on October 27, 2009

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