• Gluttony, a sin that deserves some light

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    In spite of repeated requests, most of the Food Court staff is quite stingy when asked for extra spoons or forks. The other day, when my son split a fork, and the chow lady refused to replace it! I wonder what they do with all those disposed plastic cutlery, and the extra ones lying their pantry. However this I don know, that when they find their way to , they turn in to an artistic expression. Gluttony is a suspension lamp that was designed by Luna and it even found its way as a finalist in the “house party” competition by Designboom. Made from disposable cutlery it really tests the flexibility of the spoons, knives and forks.

    Maybe they should hang some of these Gluttony lights in the food courts so that in case you need some extra ones, you just reach up and pluck one out of the lamp. No need to haggle with the lady on the counter!

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