• Frauhofer teams up with Sennheiser to create ultra flat loudspeakers

  • flat speaker.jpg Lovers of ‘slim technology’ will surely fall in love with the new concept ultra-flat speakers from Frauhofer. Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT in Ilmenau, Germany, together with Sennheiser have developed the ultra flat loudspeaker that measures only 24mm thick (0.94-inch)! These loudspeakers measuring less than an inch in thickness were presented at the IFA. According to the developers, these speakers offer optimum performance and great sound quality. “Even if these flat panel loudspeakers are placed directly on the wall or integrated into media equipment or furniture, they can reproduce a frequency range from 100Hz-20kHz,” says Dr Sandra Brix from IDMT. Furthermore, the ultra-flat loudspeakers are ideally suitable for multichannel systems and the IOSONO audio system.

    fs1.jpgA great technology, Brix is hopeful that this technology will be useful in future in all areas that call for an integration and reproduction of sound as invisible as possible, including the automotive and aircraft construction industries.

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