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    These are three interesting lights. First is the Clutch Light by Scott Jarvie. It is really interesting. What he has done is use hundreds of plastic, striped, drinking straws. It is based on the structural characteristics of a tree. It is all piled together in a sphere with light emitting from its sides. Wonderful idea. Next is the Bussaba by
    Tazana. This is really pretty! It is made on stainless steel and is shaped like little flowers, lotuses more specifically with a bulb in the middle of the circle. Very pretty.

    The Malar by Tazana also, is a very futuristic model. It has different levels and is inspired by floral shapes and patterns. Brina by designer Formfjord is pretty simple and elegant. They hang from the ceiling and are made of steel as well. It is really bright and ideal for restaurants or lounges.

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