• Corner Candles by Justin Johnson fit into your room’s nooks and edges

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    Dark corners will be a thing of the past now. You certainly don’t need to fear what’s lurking in the shadows spread across the corner of your room, where the light never usually reaches. And that’s if you’re using Justin Johnson’s Corner Candles. A candle stand has never looked so beautiful before, and has certainly never found its place in a corner. The Corner Candles concept though is a bit different, saves space, and lights up the corners of your room. Candles, unlike those boring old LED lamps, bring a sort of elegance to a room, and work best in a romantic atmosphere. And when it comes to lighting up a room with candles, the corners usually remain submerged in darkness. Laser cut powder-coated steel candelabras for your walls, the Corner Candles will make sure the nooks and edges of your room remain well lit up and illuminated.

    [Justin Johnsen]

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