• Cassius lamp is up for a bout of boxing

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    Imagine punching the daylights of a boxing-bag and it see it transcend into a beautiful design for a lamp. Sound to weird and complicated but your heavy arm upper cut could just as well fashion a cool lap that you can show off at home. Austrian company Fluid Forms has this amazing concept for the Cassius lamp; they encourage you to aim punches at a virtual boxing-bag and the resultant dents provide a platform for your individualistic Cassius lamp. By clicking and punching you can shape a unique form and by dragging the virtual design you can turn your creation around and observe it from all sides.

    Using 3D-printers, your knockout pattern is transformed layer by layer into an individual floor lamp using selective laser sintering. The Cassius lamp can be bought here.

    Topics: Fixtures Tags: on October 6, 2008

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