• Biopod ads comfort and better hygiene to portable toilets

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    The 1940s saw the dawn of portable toilets that have serviced mankind unfailingly. Cassie Stepanek has however revolutionalized the design of this classic pooper by making it look a lot more 2015. With a study on the user group and application, Cassie developed the Biopod portable toilet that accommodates privacy, cleanliness, space, ventilation and grey water system into the build. In the findings, Stepanek noticed that people do not like touching anything within a toilet or even sitting on the rim. Many folk hover uncomfortably over the toilet seat. The new design structure follows a curve to make hovering less hazardous and even incorporates a female urinal. Also, you do not need to touch anything. A pedal on either side of the door opens the door when pressed.

    BioPod also adds LED lights so that you do not accidentally stamp on something you wish you never had. Even the lights are charged using solar energy. An instant disposal system covers the hole as soon as you step forward, saving you from the sight of your poop.

    [Via – Tuvie]

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