• A car that can fly too

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    Ok, now tell me that this is supposed to be a design that we can believe in. A car that can turn into a helicopter… as in a flying car! I am not bluffing, the ZEEP Design showed this car that can transform into a helicopter. The car has got blades on the rotor that remains folded and out of sight when not in use. When it is in use, it will span out to convert it to a full-fledged copter alongside the tail rotor that’s generally tucked at the car’s rear comes out.

    The car moves on the huge front wheels, and the small black wheel (that also functions as the tail rotor) is used for steering. For controlling the CCC, the cockpit has a control sphere at the right arm and three color-coded buttons on the left arm. Honestly! Who are they kidding! But in turn if it did work, gone will the days be off bumper to bumper traffic.

    Topics: Fixtures, Gadgets, Transport Tags: on May 11, 2009

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