• Tub F-117- this flight is ready for take off

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    A bathtub epitomizes luxury to the hilt. Accompanied by sea-salts, essential oils and perfumed candles, the whole experience of ablutions becomes a therapeutic ritual. I can imagine designers getting inspired by the extravagance of such opulent settings but imagine taking inspiration from the hard, cold stealth-plane. It crashes down the dreamy notion of a soothing session in the tub. Designer Torsten Werner has fashioned the Tub F-117 using 14 sheeds. Apparently the design can be modified to fit your body sculpture and size. This aspect of the tub makes it an appealing proposition.

    Tub F-117 takes off in many hues. The designer promises to ship it across in either a steel coated finish or mineral resin, depending upon your choice.

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