• The Arc: Energy saving shower system

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    The Arc is a beautifully designed shower system that not only offers a luxurious rinse but promises to save energy as well. On switching to eco mode this shower recycles the warm shower water on the spot so that you feel less guilty for indulging in a hot-luxury-rinse. Designed by D.K. & Wei Design, the Arc lets users enjoy a luxurious shower without consuming too much water or electricity. The system cleverly integrates water pumping, filtering, heating and re-heating which starts recycling the water shortly after one begins to take a shower. A 500W pump ensures constant circulation of the water while a 1500-2000MW heater heats the water. You can also control the temperature of the water by clicking on the waterproof touchscreen. The concave floor helps in accumulating the water drops.

    A beautiful design, it will appeal to one and all.

    Topics: Fittings Tags: on September 14, 2009

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