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    Glow Balls; do have the courage to light them?

    I must admit that designer Ashish Chaudhary is taking a risk here. His previous Kilo Light is very tame in comparison to the Glowballs. Yes, the male privates inspire them, but Ashish has a very logical explanation for this inspiration. … Continue reading

  • LED Egg Lights, can’t wait for ’em to disco and hatch!

    I really would love to know what inspired Igor Pinigin to design these LED Egg Lights. More than quirky, I’m amused at the concept of egg cartons hodling oblong lights. I can picture Farmer Mac holding these eggs to a … Continue reading

    Light-weight in kilos is a heavy concept

    Designer Ashish Chaudhary brings a very Indian-ness to this floor lamp. It’s based on the very common measure found at almost every vegetable, grocer or vendor. Although the actual weight measures come in various denominations: 50gms, 100gms, 1 kilo, 5 … Continue reading

    SofRay Light Emitting Bouquet

    Do you remember the receptionist in the movie Monsters Inc., I think her name was Celia. She wore a bunch of Rattlesnakes for her hair, and believe you me, this bouquet of lights just reminds me of that! Designed by … Continue reading

    Shadow puppet lamp by Jason Cooper

    Although he has christened it CeeJay, the Shadow puppet lamp by Jason Cooper reminds me of the fun times that my kids and I have making silhouettes on the walls on dark nights. The design also looks like it also … Continue reading

    Suspension Lamps balance with panache

    You can always find fancy designs that house the light bulb, but tube lights are always conformed to the rigid industrial designs or are simply concealed in POP shafts. Designer Nuno Teixeira has taken a different approach and decided to … Continue reading

    Anger Management tip of the day: Punch the L!ghting

    Frustration levels run quite high when one is stressed. The biggest relief comes when you punch something hard and release all the tensions. The only repercussion is that your knuckles take a beating and you are sore all over again. … Continue reading

    Froggy Sink ensures oral hygiene for kids in a fun way

    Getting my two children to brush their teeth is Herculean task. I can’t fathom their aversion to the toothpaste and brush, and as an epitome of rebellion I receive a scrumptious kiss every morning full of stale breath! I guess, … Continue reading

    Gessi Private Wellness Collection offers exotic ablution options

    With the advent of technological advances and fast paced life schedules, the daily chore of ablutions has gone beyond a quick shower or a warm soak. It is now a luxurious treat that one pampers himself to and indulges in … Continue reading

    Tub F-117- this flight is ready for take off

    A bathtub epitomizes luxury to the hilt. Accompanied by sea-salts, essential oils and perfumed candles, the whole experience of ablutions becomes a therapeutic ritual. I can imagine designers getting inspired by the extravagance of such opulent settings but imagine taking … Continue reading

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