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    Toilet to inspire Yoga

    This is a coincidence. Just recently I remember telling a friend to do Yoga in the toilet if he didn’t find a better spot at home! What do you know, students at Arizona State University’s College of Design led by … Continue reading

  • Desktop Lamp with User Interface

    This is a desktop lamp with the User Interface feature. You can pinch it and it wil light up. To turn the light all you need to do is draw a circle clockwise and then anti clockwise to turn it … Continue reading

    Motorcycle shaped toilet seat for more convenience

    Women are known to be very fussy when it comes to using a public loo and if it doesn’t have enough napkins and tissues and toilet rolls, then that’s it. This new concept of a toilet with a difference by … Continue reading

    Laser etching crystal mirror

    This is a crystal mirror with laser etchings made inside the glass slab. You cannot touch it hence. It is designed by Italian Romolo Stanco and manufactured by Edizioni Galleria Colombari – Nonesiste design Lab. [Designspotter]

    Intelligent clock quickly compensates chronological corrections

    This intelligent clock is a masterpiece from the designer Denis Guidone. The Ora ilLegale clock has no numbers and is missing a significant portion of its base making it the easiest clock to adjust to changes in daylight savings. Well … Continue reading

    Swan XL Floor Lamp

    This concept is interesting. Finnish designer Eero Aarnio has created the Swan XL Floor Lamp for the Helsinki, Finland based manufacturer Martela. It is a huge life-like lamp with the graceful head of a swan. The XL version is a … Continue reading

    Curvy, multi-functional Mystic flowing sink by Elkay

    Thinking out of the box is a gift and some people use it for their benefits and also for the benefit of others by promoting their ideas. Elkay has come up with a new range of sink ideas that will … Continue reading

    Pod Modular Lighting

    Like a creeper growing on your wall and creating an intrinsic pattern, the Pod Modular Lighting glows and grows on you. Designed by Amanda Leppi, the lighting was inspired by biomimcry and was developed from the beach pea. The laser … Continue reading

    And God said…let there be light, and there was Lamp’

    If the Torch Lamp was brilliant, then the Lamp’ is perfection. Similar in though but different in perception, it’s really difficult to pick the better of the two. For the moment lets harp about Julien’s Lamp’; It’s a simple lamp … Continue reading

    Martini, Snifter and Old fashion lamps by Billy May

    The perfect way to hide flaws of a room is shift focus from the imperative to something more defining like the lights and the flooring. This way you can easy camouflage the imperfection and show-off the obvious. While working for … Continue reading

    Mr. Orchestra- the Lotus light that responds to sound

    Mesmerizing you with its intrinsic light patterns, Mr. Orchestra is a light that responds to the level of music and sound around it and shows the patterns of light moving accordingly. Looking like a lotus bloom, this interactive lighting system … Continue reading

    Tea lights get redundant, go for Coffee lights instead

    Yes, tea-lights are redundant, they have been effectively been replaced with the Coffee Cups chandelier. Designed by Robert Lucas, it’s an idea that appeals to most java drinkers. He’s simply put together about a dozen or so cups, out of … Continue reading

    Monolith stands tall and glows

    David Gonçalves calls the Monolith an articulated table/floor lamp. Its been inspired by the 2001 Space Odyssey movie and I can very well see why. The lamp goes from compact to an extension quite smoothly, and reveals a glowing tube … Continue reading

    Cozy in Gray Lamp

    This is one of those designs that you feel demand a better explanation, but sadly you get none. Designed by Harri Koskinen, the Cozy in Gray Lamp looks sweet and fit enough for any bedside shade or table. Fashioned out … Continue reading

    TSUBOMI a Flower Bud that illuminates

    Have you heard the story of the wicked witch who asked a girl to bring fire wrapped in paper in order to gain freedom? The clever girl brought the witch a paper lamp with a candle burning in bright. Similar … Continue reading

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