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    Zaha Hadid’s gorgeous tap

    I love bathroom fixtures that come with a lot of curves. Zaha Hadid and Triflow, a British company have come together to present to us a very stylish and futuristic tap. It gets its inspiration from the movement of water, … Continue reading

  • ‘Save Water Brick’ is the brick of the future!

    Contrary to the conventional clay bricks used for construction, the Save Water Brick design is actually designed to help channelize the water in order to avoid wastage. First of all the brick is made of a mixture of discarded plastic … Continue reading

    Futuristic faucets from Hego WaterDesign

    Now even your bathrooms can be equipped with futuristic fittings thanks to the new amazing faucet designs by Hego WaterDesign. I.WO and I.WO.e are the newest series of smart faucets designed by Davide Vercelli. These new smart faucets boast of … Continue reading

    Fetch is magazine stand is cute

    Fetch magazine stand is a designed in shape of a cute little green dog. Rafael Morgan and Paul Hendrikx, from Studio Mango are the people responsible for designing this cute magazine holder. This little green dog will hold all your … Continue reading

    Caminando Project by Victor Barriquad

    Caminando Project is a design concept of industrial designer Victor Barriquad. The unique kinetic design concept evolved from the perspective of linking together both art and technology. The Caminando Project according to the designer expresses both emotion and functionality. A … Continue reading

    A Triple-Flow water faucet by Zaha Hadid

    There was something new this year at the London Design Festival. It was a ‘tri-flow tap’ by Zaha Hadid. Being an extremely distinctive design, the concept made almost all heads turn. While, this was not something that was thought of … Continue reading

    Shower Flower will bring freshness to your bathroom

    For all the flower lovers who like flowers in every corner of their homes, Bas vander veer has created Shower Flower which is a set of three glazed ceramic bathroom tiles. These tiles are convenient enough to be placed in … Continue reading

    The Arc: Energy saving shower system

    The Arc is a beautifully designed shower system that not only offers a luxurious rinse but promises to save energy as well. On switching to eco mode this shower recycles the warm shower water on the spot so that you … Continue reading

    Mobideep creates unique Floating Pools

    If you love to host pool parties or simply love to be a part of them, here is something that might interest you. Mobideep has come out with unique floating pools. This unique concept allows you to float the swimming … Continue reading

    Showerhead designed like a chandelier will mesmerize one and all

    Here is the most elegant shower head you will ever come across. Designed like a chandelier by Tannan Winter Design, this candle chandelier sits over a pedestal tub. The form of this chandelier was based on a statue of Aphrodite, … Continue reading

    HT4 toilet that works good for everyone

    Toilets are such essential products for humanity. I love reading history but the very thought of thinking they never had a toilet where they can do their thing always depresses me. It is the one place where you have not … Continue reading

    Veuve Clicquot Comet for luxury at the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup polo championship

    Designer Tom Dixon has come up with this brilliant gazebo for Polo lovers called the Veuve Clicquot Comet. The main purpose and inspiration for this was for the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship that will … Continue reading

    Water off a 150-year old tree trunk

    If you have been reading my entries, you will know by know how much I enjoy seeing new furniture designs and accessories. The ‘quercus’ water barrel is an addition to my top favourites. It is adorable and gives the home, … Continue reading

    Global Bathroom – for everyone

    This is the Global Bathroom. It has a four-shelved wardrobe along with an on-top roller shaped cloth dryer. The design, made by Fatih Can Sarıöz, has a right part that includes another storage space for bath supplies like soap, shampoo, … Continue reading

    Washbasin loud speakers to convey message on saving water

    This is a cool design. The designer, Alejandro Gonzalez Novoa, came up with the idea of these speakers that look like wash basins to convey the message of water conservation. He says don’t waste even a drop. There is a … Continue reading

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