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    Light emitting wash basin

    Designer Di Shen from China has designed a cute looking and compact washbasin called Snail Basin. It is small, snail shaped and includes a tap in the design. The surface is smooth and very easy to clean. Its another unique … Continue reading

  • All-in-one Loo is here!

    Dang Jingwei has thought of an interesting concept of integrating the toilet essentialities as a one single product. The Home Core concept combine the toilet bowl, sink, mirror and a vanity table to suit every need a user may fell … Continue reading

    Washbasin “Iris” – A piece of art

    Washbasin “Iris” by Ekateryna Sokolova is one of the funkiest designs seen. It is eye catching with its twin layers and striking color. Though slightly big, but it is sure to be the centre of attraction in any bathroom where … Continue reading

    A mirror that awakens your guilt conscience

    Emotional blackmail is the worst form of blackmail that ever exists. And when even machines use the emotional tactic, it sure is going to get very difficult for us emotional fools to survive. Better yet, we will at least get … Continue reading

    Save water when you wash

    In current scenario when people are becoming more environment conscious and recycling is the mantra, Ariel Rojo Design Studio, Mexico takes a step ahead in introducing a product aimed towards water conservation. Named Tlaloc, this concept beautifully integrates two of … Continue reading

    Water the water going up with ‘Sense Shower’

    Aah! The joys of looking inside certain mechanisms are just too much fun. Helder Filipov’s ‘Sense Shower’ sprays the water like you’re under a waterfall. Not only does it feel good, you can also watch the water going up in … Continue reading

    Hand Shower Design Project for Delta Faucet is unique

    Most hand showers are boring and come with typical designs. It’s an age where we all want something new and exciting and innovative. So provide some applause for this unique Hand Shower Design Project for Delta Faucet that has just … Continue reading

    Crane Street Lamp draws inspiration from the crane bird!

    Street lamps have always been the underdogs, I’d say, in the sense that we never really care to notice or acknowledge their existence, let alone appreciating their body and design work. Onur Cobanli has thought out of the box with … Continue reading

    Mons: Washbasin for children

    Designers Tengchuan Tey and Romualdo Faura Bernabe from Spain have designed a unique concept washbasin just for children. Named the Mons, this washbasin not only attracts children thanks to its animated design but also promotes hygiene and helps save water. … Continue reading

    Multifunctional Futuristic Bathroom

    Even though this multifunctional bathroom layout looks novel, simple, and free of furniture and fittings, there is much more (literally) than what appears to lie below the surface of this simple design idea. When totally closed, the space functions as … Continue reading

    The Roca Landscape Project combines quick showers and long baths

    Like I’ve always said, a good long bath is very luxurious and relaxing, but a quick and fast shower is a necessity. We need to combine both these into one. Also, we are quite short on space in this modern … Continue reading

    Shower the sci-fi way with the Beignet Bathtub

    I am a big fan of hot and long bubble baths after a stressful day at work. They really do work like a charm. The most important bit in this is the tub itself and Spiritual Mode brings us the … Continue reading

    Love collection by Novello is a beautiful concept

    A good and stylish bathroom is a must in any setting. The Love collection by Novello adds class to any bathroom. It brings together different bathroom components. It’s speciality is that it ncorporates the formal continuity between bath and washbasin … Continue reading

    Optimize your water and soap usage with ‘Miscea’

    Today, when we see people just wasting away water by keeping the tap open even when not required, or forgetting to turn off the faucet completely after use leading to constant water leaks, and also the high possibility if germ … Continue reading

    Biblio bathtubs by Antonio Lupi is specially designed for booklovers

    Good news for booklovers who want to enjoy a cozy bath and reading books simultaneously. Biblio by Antonio Lupi an Italian company is a Corian Rectangular bathtub, complete with back rest and automatic drainage and combined bath spout and overflow. … Continue reading

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