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    Moose Showerhead is unique

    I have seen many showerheads that boast of contemporary designs as well as traditional ones, but none like the Moose showerhead. Displayed at the Milan Design Week, this showerhead shaped like the head of a Stag managed to draw the … Continue reading

  • Cool Shower radio design

    Being a bathroom singer, I’m always game for Shower radios. Dancing to the latest releases is always more fun in the bathroom with the soap in one hand representing the mike. The Shower Radio design in bright yellow by Mike … Continue reading

    Eco Faucet Timers intended to save water

    We have appreciated and endorsed most water faucets that are designed with the intention of saving water. But I’m not particularly a big fan of the Turn Rotary Dial Faucet designed by Eun Ji Byeon featured here. The reasons are … Continue reading

    Liquid Sunshine: Therapeutic showerhead

    One of the most commonly faced problems by this generation is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression or winter blues. A mood disorder, people suffering from it usually tend to experience or show symptoms of depression in … Continue reading

    Hydrofloors movable floors that turns into your personal pool

    When a drained pool is not in use for a long time, I often feel that the pool area should be used for something more useful than naughty boys jumping off the fence and practicing skateboarding. Finally, my woes are … Continue reading

    Stretch H2O: The hand shower for the athlete

    Earlier, Delta had some glitches while incorporating new hydro dynamic technology into their shower handles. Now they have overcome that and come out with a brand new Stretch H2O hand shower, courtesy: William Mecker. The Stretch H2O hand shower has … Continue reading

    Waterpebble saves water by reducing your shower time

    Everybody knows that water is in short supply in many parts of the world, but very few designers go out and design concepts that attempt to save water resource. Here’s a design concept by Paul Priestman, a director of a … Continue reading

    Infinity Bath combines technology and sensual indulgence

    After a stressful day, the bathtub naturally becomes the first if not the last resort for an individual, where one can recline and relax wholeheartedly. But that can happen only when the bathtub can be so engaging in all respects. … Continue reading

    Bathroom faucet that doubles as a drinking fountain

    I always thought drinking fountains were very cool. But they tend to be installed in public places like universities and parks, which make their installations in private spaces rather unusual. But there is no need to feel awkward to get … Continue reading

    Flaming Lips unique bathroom

    If you are a fan of the Flaming Lips then here is a glimpse into the rock bands Flaming Lips Oklahoma residence. Renovated by FitzSimmons Architects, this residence features the unique Flaming Lips inspired bathroom! Truly breathtaking, Mr. Coyle has … Continue reading

    Toilet Storage

    I like everything in my house to be organized. I hate clutter of all sorts. So even when it comes to my bathroom, I make sure all the essential toiletries are arranged in order. And in my quest for toilet … Continue reading

    Windy Hanger: Concept hanger that doubles up as a dryer

    I can’t tell you how much I love gadgets that have multiple uses. That is exactly why I have loved the unique concept Windy Hanger by designers Kang Danbi and Park Juan. The concept functions as a towel hanger that … Continue reading

    PLUS wash station recycles and saves water by combining a sink and commode

    Winner of the Green Dot design Awards, Bora Cakilkaya/P-ARCH has designed the winning design concept, PLUS wash station. P-ARCH is a wash system concept that aimed to create a product containing both sink and closet respecting the environment and eco-system. … Continue reading

    Soapbox that recycles soapy water residue is brilliant

    The discarding chore of the dustbin is always accompanied by a dustpan. Why use two things when you can efficiently function with one? The Triangle+ is a tool that functions both as a dustbin as well as dustpan, the difference … Continue reading

    Concept Roca Cocoon Shower Stall by Arina Komarova is stunning

    Joining the list of stunning concept showers is the Roca Cocoon Shower Stall by designer Arina Komarova. The egg shaped design is what strikes you the most of this unique stall. What is more, once you shut the glass slides … Continue reading

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