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    Threesome shower bliss

    Trust the Italians to think wonders for their designs. Architect Paolo Bertarelli has come up with this unique shower deigns for Frattini – it has three showerheads and so is brilliantly named – Do Re Mi. It is eco-friendly in … Continue reading

  • The Tub Waterfall, a better alternative to a tap

    Stupid taps. No matter how expensive and beautifully designed our bath tubs our, those silly metallic spouts always spoil the show. So, we went digging for something that suited our bathtub and came across the Tub Waterfall by Gabriel Boutin. … Continue reading

    No Spillage by Raphael Morais helps collect water dripping from plants

    Tired of placing those plates and containers to collect water dripping out of your potted plants? Well, here’s a design that could just save the trouble, combining functionality and practicality, and is a visual treat too! Designed by Raphael Morais, … Continue reading

    Handheld shower unit by Paulina Carlos

    Here is a simple yet futuristic shower unit that appeals to you with its design and features. Developed by designer Paulina Carlos, this handheld shower unit system is designed using Universal Design Principles. The many features of this shower unit … Continue reading

    Calla Lily Watering Can…Beauty at its Best

    Is gardening one of your most favorite hobbies? Then this is something that will be of great significance to you. I’m referring to ‘calla lily watering can’. It’s the brainchild of the very talented and artistic designer gerasimina Sarantopoulos from … Continue reading

    Shore: Bathtub to promote socialization

    Shore is a beautiful bathtub project created by the Hey team from Italy. The unique and extremely awesome tub was built in workshop with Teuco. The project was created to encourage and promote socialization and gathering. This aim explains the … Continue reading

    An ideal place for love, the Twin Bathtub with space for two

    The romantic evening just went bad when the two of you just couldn’t fit into that single bathtub of yours. Taken that you live in a flat and have absolutely no space for a Jacuzzi or a pool, and you … Continue reading

    Innovative, compact and practical, toilets for buses by Sergio Alonso

    Trains have incorporated the use of toilets that enable travelers answer natures call while on the go. Sadly, buses haven’t given this much though, until now. In a few places, toilets were fitted on to buses, only turn into unhygienic … Continue reading

    Koolhaus tap calculates amount of water used and features an LCD

    Remember those good old days when bathing wasn’t so much fun before? Things have changed for the better, and cleaner, with people spending more time in their bathrooms owing to rise in technology. The newest tech to now reach your … Continue reading

    Parenthese Sink by Arthur Kenzo

    Bathroom fittings are getting a makeover, courtesy designers exploring new materials and designs. The most recent designer to explore the world of bathroom fittings and furnishings is Arthur Kenzo. With his unique concept Parenthese Sink, Arthur defines a whole new … Continue reading

    Reflect: Showerhead-cum-mirror

    Designers are always coming up with new solutions to make daily activities even easier and hassle free. The latest design that offers to ease the life of all men is dubbed the Reflect. The Reflect is a unique showerhead-cum-mirror that … Continue reading

    The Bubble Wrap bathroom by PROJECTiONE

    Remember those good old days in our childhood when we’d sit for hours popping those bubbles on a Bubble Wrap every time a packaging was opened? Well, the little joy of bubble popping is now a form of interior design. … Continue reading

    Less Soft packaging for soaps and shampoos

    Well, you can now do away with all those shelves and closets you’ve had to put up with in your bathrooms to store all your soaps and shampoos. You could simply opt for the Less Soft packaging instead. Though the … Continue reading

    AutoClose by Pressalit is the most intelligent toilet seat…perhaps the only one!

    Impress and get impressed by the intelligent toilet seat by Pressalit. What makes this an intelligent toilet seat will probably be the first question on your mind. Its awesomeness lies in the fact that it closes automatically. The AutoClose toilet … Continue reading

    PLAND: Temporary floating deck concept

    Swimming pools are a favorite place for children to spend their summer vacations and beat the summer heat. Adding more fun to the usual swimming activity is the unique PLAND temporary floating deck concept. The concept designed by Dong Min … Continue reading

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