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    Hide and Seat shower seating arrangement sports storage space

    Ever wished to be seated while enjoying that refreshing well-deserved shower? This shower furniture is bound to leave you smiling. Designed by Sarah Lloyd, the Hide and Seat concept is more than just a way to rest your tired limbs … Continue reading

  • Faucet Natura fusion of looks and functionality

    If exclusiveness is your style and you all the while look for exclusive stuff for your home then Faucet Natura by Newform is the right thing for you. It is a fusion of modern faucet and a smooth utility container. … Continue reading

    Tropism Well bows down water spout to pour out fresh doses of water

    Water fountains have long been forgotten, with people preferring packaged drinking water and beverages off store shelves and vending machines these days. Bringing back the water fountain to life with a touch of Dadist sculptural inspirations, Poletic Studio designed and … Continue reading

    Bathroom equipment for the disabled, designed by Diseño Mantis

    The physically disabled do face a load of difficulties getting around doing day-to-day chores. To make their lives a bit simpler, designer Diseño Mantis came up with a range of bathroom products, specially designed for the disabled. Custom-sculpted for the … Continue reading

    Eggshell Bathtub, a cocooned bathing experience

    Giving bathtub design an unconventional taste like none other, Toby Nowland’s creation grasped the hearts of the Reece BIA 2011 judges too, winning him first place for the Eggshell Bathtub. Traditionally, bathtubs as we’ve known them stick to rectangular designs, … Continue reading

    Futuristic shower pod also provides massage with just 20 liters of water

    Time machine? No! Cloning machine? Hell no! What we’ve got here, is a futuristic shower pod. Good enough to have the guys in Star Wars and the Jetsons bathing, this Da/Spa Shower was designed by Victor M. Aleman. And not … Continue reading

    Live-bath concept uses illuminated “fingers” to massage you while you bathe

    Ever dreamed of bathing at the depths of the ocean, among coral and sea plants? The finalist entry at the Jump the Gap International Design Contest called the Live bath-anemone by Irina Samoylova could very well have you do just … Continue reading

    Glow in the dark swing, reminiscent of haunted house backyards

    It’s been a while since we came up with innovative backyard accessories good enough to spread a buzz about. Now designer Alexander Lervik has come up with a pretty interesting concept for your backyard, an illuminated swing that glows in … Continue reading

    Alexander Müller’s Parabola shower, a work of art and bathroom equipment combined

    More of a modern art sculptor fit for the center of a city park than a shower panel, designer Alexander Müller’s Parabola design is a paradigm shift away from the bathroom fittings we use today. You probably would need an … Continue reading

    Magical Fata Morgana Dream Bath

    The designer of the Fata Morgana Dream Bath is very serious about the time spent in the bath. This is like a bath ‘experience’ allowing the person to imagine being in some fantasy land with free-forming mirages and floating phenomenon. … Continue reading

    Framed mirror for some tele spice

    If you like the added spice and flavour to news these days then Framed will amuse you. It is a product that will be ‘an innovative way to spice up news and absorb the broadcast, regardless of how bad they … Continue reading

    Nivis snow basin

    This is a wash basin named nivis. It is based on the properties of snow. It is made from cristalplant and was shown at the Milan Design Week. Like snow, it exhibits a pure white basin with geometrical surfaces. A … Continue reading

    The Seesaw faucet helps conserve water

    Here’s a faucet that makes sure you don’t let the water flowing while you soap your hands. The Seesaw faucet, designed by Han Chanhee is a Red Dot Award winning design, and it well deserves that. Per 30 seconds, about … Continue reading

    Flat mirrors by Big game for car lovers

    Looks like Swiss-based design studio big game have developed the project FLAT mirrors keeping car lovers in mind. They are windscreens from cars with flat windows: a Citröen 2 CV, Renault 4L, Volkwagen Beatle and Fiat Panda. These four windscreens … Continue reading

    Soap Flakes, a soap bar dispenser

    Designers usually tend to be clever and come up with some pretty innovative ways to get around with everyday chores and such. Eindhoven grad Nathalie Stampfli is just as innovative and has come up with a way to turn a … Continue reading

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