• iPoo Toilet snugly fits the shape of your butt

  • Designer Milos Paripovic must have gotten really tired of the plethora of Apple logo imitation products in the markets to have come up with one that mocks the very idea. The description on the product page goes off as ‘not an Apple but..another sarcastic project of mine’. He has come up with the iPoo designer Toilet that is evidently shaped like an Apple which the designer camouflages as a ‘comfortable seat that fits the shape of your butt’. He still goes on to deny the resemblance irrespective of the white color and the single button (typical of most Apple products) Another statement that made me laugh till I fell off my chair is, “Toilet seat is even thinner than Macbook Air, made from the same superb material, so you can wipe urine splatters just as easily.”

    The whole idea is just brilliant and mind blowing. I definitely am tempted to place my derriere on this stylish, Apple topped seating and see if it ‘fits perfectly’. If I have successfully motivated you to read the whole product description, you should check out the milosparipovic website.

    Via – [Gizmodiva]

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