• Hydrofloors movable floors that turns into your personal pool

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    When a drained pool is not in use for a long time, I often feel that the pool area should be used for something more useful than naughty boys jumping off the fence and practicing skateboarding. Finally, my woes are settled with the introduction of the Hydrofloors vertically movable floors that enable the client to exploit the surface area of a swimming pool room for other uses like recreation, social events, dining or dancing. The sophisticated system is almost invisible, flexible and rapidly adaptable. It’s interesting to watch the floor of the pool floor lowered to let the water gracefully flow into it in the video.

    This is a wonderful concept as it allows the floor height to be adjusted to a pre-selected water depth like that for kids or a depth suited to those with special needs. This diverse and multifunctional pool is a suave alternative to save on space.

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