• Eco Faucet Timers intended to save water

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    We have appreciated and endorsed most water faucets that are designed with the intention of saving water. But I’m not particularly a big fan of the Turn Rotary Dial Faucet designed by Eun Ji Byeon featured here. The reasons are as follows- It is equipped with a timing system that allows you to set the approximated time for completing your task by turning the dial. The downfall of the system is the timing of the faucet. If 30 seconds are set for washing the hands and you spend a 15 on squeezing the hand-wash out of its bottle, you’re practically wasting water here. But this type of a faucet could be pleasing to those who are way too annoyed with the sensor-based faucets fitted in public washrooms. Well, as for me, I’m better off with those.


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