• Create a Feeling of Luxury in your Bathroom with a Freestanding Bath

  • There are two kinds of people: those who enjoy baths, and those who enjoy showers. For people who love baths, choosing the type of tub is a major decision. There are simply too many options to choose from. One example of a type of tub that many people envision having in their bathroom is a freestanding bath. It invokes visions of old Victorian mansions where you get to enjoy a luxurious bath in a lovely claw-foot tub. Freestanding tubs remain popular to this day. For someone who is keen on having a chic bath installed in their bathroom, a freestanding bath definitely fits the bill.

    Focal point to your bathroom
    With freestanding baths, you need to have enough space for its installation. One advantage it has over a built-in tub is that you can practically position it anywhere inside the bathroom. Freestanding baths these days come in either modern or vintage designs. This makes it suitable for many interior styles especially since most houses these days have modern and minimalist decors. Nonetheless, if you are still looking for something classic, claw-foot tubs are still very much in style.

    Flexibility in available materials and fabrication
    Another advantage of a freestanding bath is the wide variety of materials and designs. The normal fabrication is done using ceramic or porcelain, but you can also opt for cast iron. Cast iron tubs are more durable and look quite rustic. However, they are also very heavy. Ask your contractor if the floor of your bathroom will be able to support a freestanding cast-iron tub.

    Space is not a limitation
    Some have the misconception that freestanding tubs require a lot of space. While it is true that you have to consider space, it is mainly because of the positioning. In fact, freestanding baths create an illusion of more space in your bathroom. If you position it strategically, it does not hinder the space because it will not require any surrounding material for support. However, keep in mind that for tiny bathrooms, it is still best to be practical with your options and find a smaller tub instead of a freestanding one.

    It creates a statement
    Everyone will probably agree that a freestanding bath looks elegant and stylish. When you do see a bathroom that has a freestanding tub installed, more often than not, you will have a positive reaction towards it. It is not a hard decision to make if you want to remodel your bathroom and add a freestanding tub. There are a lot of options available today and you can choose a tub that will fit your budget and space allocation.

    There are also a lot of design ideas you can adopt to make your bathroom look like a luxurious hotel or spa bathroom. For example, you can choose vintage fixtures such as bronze taps and pedestals. You can also add additional seats next to the tub for added convenience. The possibilities are endless if you are thinking about remodelling your bathroom in order to include a freestanding bath.

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