• A Triple-Flow water faucet by Zaha Hadid

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    There was something new this year at the London Design Festival. It was a ‘tri-flow tap’ by Zaha Hadid. Being an extremely distinctive design, the concept made almost all heads turn. While, this was not something that was thought of before, Zaha Hadid explored the untreaded path. His three way tap allowed treated drinking water to flow from one faucet and hot and cold water from the other two. The design was such that it consumed very less space and it looked like a designer piece. All that is required to be done is press the tri-flow loge to get treated water, while the other two were controlled by a handle. It indeed is a nice way to differentiate, and to promote the logo. And the look of it, gets straight A’s from me! I would definitely love to have this in my kitchen.

    Topics: Fittings Tags: on October 1, 2009

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