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    Origami Cave, emergency shelter inspired by traditional Japanese art

    Origami has always been an interesting work of art and design, and will never cease to be, given that this traditional Japanese art form has been an inspiration for designers since as long as we can remember, and will always … Continue reading

  • Luxury tops by TOBYŠLO sport diamond heads

    In the good old days, kids played with tops and marbles. The video games that showed up generations later were then just a figment of their respective designer’s imaginations, or perhaps weren’t conceived yet! The most of us today have … Continue reading

    Digi Camera by Green-House takes 1280×960 JPEG pictures

    Too scared to carry your DSLR out to soothe your shutterbug fancies? Well, pick the mini Digi camera instead, the brainchild of Green-House. Sure this one might lack all those thrills and fancies your DSLR sports. It does well though … Continue reading

    Beam Projector Watch projects time using LEDs, skips watch-face

    We’ve had some pretty out-worldly and unconventional wrist-watch designs before. This one chooses to stay a league apart, and at first, didn’t come across as a watch to us at all! Designed by Mike from the United Kingdom, the Beam … Continue reading

    Wooden Phone brings electronics closer to nature, by Jesse Kane

    Consumer electronics today, tend to stick to metallic or plastic finishes. Giving these a touch of nature, designer Jesse Kane has designed a wooden mobile phone, the closest any communication device gets to nature. Kane’s wooden phone is anything but … Continue reading

    Lamps designed for Flos integrate dock for iPods and iPads

    When it comes to multifunctional designs, Philippe Starck seems to have got it just right with his design in collaboration with Eugeni Quitllet. The designers together have come up with a range of lamps for Flos, elegant and beautiful, that … Continue reading

    Glance phone design uses OLED screen on its base for a quick glance at your notifications

    Skinnier jeans seem to be in vogue these days, and carrying around bulky portable devices like smartphones in tight jean pockets isn’t all that enjoyable. Designer Alan Gerardo Farias is slim, sexy and suave. Called the Glance, this skinny handset … Continue reading

    LG Signature French Door fridge with door-in-door design

    LG has come up with a pretty interesting deign for refrigerators lately, that’ll save a whole lot of trouble while storing food, using a smart and innovative segregation technique. The LG Signature French Door refrigerator uses a door-in-door design with … Continue reading

    iPad stand inspired by running faucets

    The sheer creativity and design put into this one pretty much brought tears in our eyes! And yes, we sure as hell mean what we say! At first look, this one seemed to be just about any conventional iPad stand. … Continue reading

    Question-mark-shaped book case doubles up as reading lamp

    We’ve never seen a more questionable book case, literally! Designed by Tembolat Gugkaev, a Russian designer, this book cabinet is inspired by question marks, and does a pretty good job of looking like one too! The book-case does leave first … Continue reading

    Bentley Aeroace concept, a mix of tradition and technological innovation

    When it comes to high-end brands like Bentley, looking into the company’s past designs and the present designs closely pretty much draws the picture for what will roll out of its manufacturing facilities in the future up ahead. Designer YoungSeong … Continue reading

    Burt Rutan develops car-airplane hybrid

    In the world of aviation, Burt Rutan is pretty much known for coming up with some wild designs for airplanes, unconventional, yet highly practical. Now, Rutan’s firm has designed a hybrid gasoline‐electric roadable aircraft called the Scaled Composites Model 367 … Continue reading

    Lego Greenhouse uses Lego blocks and houses real plants

    Most of us have spent considerable childhood hours playing with Lego blocks. The best-selling toy around the globe is slowly turning into more than just an outlet to let a child’s imagination run wild. Take Sebastian Bergne’s Lego Greenhouse for … Continue reading

    The high-speed train that never stops, by Priestmangoode

    The very purpose of traveling in high-speed trains is beaten when the train keeps stopping at every darned station. Probably that’s why high-speed rail links have extremely limited stops, making them sort of elite and not accessible to all. Well, … Continue reading

    Best of The Rich Traveller

    You know its summer, when you have a line-up like this! Starting with cruises, the Azamara Club Cruises have just announced new cruise-routes, which means longer, more exciting holidays. If you plan to stay on-ground, Ritz-Carlton, a name synonymous with … Continue reading

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