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    Planika’s fiery coffee tables kindle flames of warmth

    Not all of us have easy access to a campfire. These days, with human life centered on urban concrete jungles, stepping out in the open and spending a night by a campfire has turned into an occasion of the past. … Continue reading

  • LEGO unveils miniature 8909 Team GB Minifigures

    Looking for an easier way to bring home the Team GB who’re scheduled to participate at the upcoming games? Well, if scaled-down versions of these real-life superheroes can have you satisfied, we suggest you run down to the nearest Argos, … Continue reading

    Telescopic Raincoat quickly folds down and transforms into a bag!

    Carrying a raincoat around is a pain in the tenders, period. Designers Jia Shenghui, Zhao Qiyun, Fan Jianjun, Zhou Hailun, Chen Jian, Chu Yuhui, Hong Yonghui, and Zhang Yichi however designed this amazingly awesome concept that makes life a lot … Continue reading

    Glass-floored toilet atop an empty 15-story elevator shaft scares users

    Answering natures call over a 15 story elevator shaft hasn’t really sprouted up in the minds of many as yet. For those who do dwell with such amusing if not disturbing imaginations, here’s the perfect way to go poopie over … Continue reading

    Never settle for less

    Giving up isn’t what we were made for. If our ancestors gave up, the world as we know it wouldn’t exist. Quitting and walking away or compromising with situations isn’t the best way around, and hardwiring just that into my … Continue reading

    Happy Hour celebrations

    The dawn of a weekend is a call for freedom, short-lived, though well-earned. The best of us step away from the week’s routine to let our hair down, lay back and relax alone, or with a bunch of friends who’re … Continue reading

    Never settle for less

    C.S. Lewis, the chronicles of narnia author, once wrote, “our desires are not too strong, but too weak. we are half-hearted creatures, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in the slum because he cannot … Continue reading

    Space-saving paNBin concept, a dustbin and a dustpan combined

    In today’s cramped-up living spaces, sacrificing even a few square feet seems to pull at heart strings. With minimalist designs pretty much turning into a rage these days, with most designers adapting the minimalist school of design for their work, … Continue reading

    Mat Bogust’s iPhone packaging design doubles up as a stand for your smartphone!

    Usually, the packaging your gizmo comes nestled in is stuffed in the bin as soon as you’ve laid your hands on your new technology’s child. Designer Mat Bogust hailing from New Zealand however feels differently in regards to the same. … Continue reading

    City Aquatic Transport concept could make roadways obsolete!

    In the future, the road bridge probably won’t be the only alternative to getting home from your work place across the river. You could instead hop on a water taxi, like the City Aquatic Transport (C.A.T) concept and make your … Continue reading

    Kevlar-skin house hides below the ground during natural disasters

    The best way to protect your home from the elements and natural calamities is by simply having it slip below the ground. And well, if that really was possible today, innumerable lives would’ve been saved and property too! Bringing the … Continue reading

    Eccentric chair design by Ozgun Culam

    We just stumbled across this marvelous piece of furniture by Ozgun Culam. This seating arrangement, a chair essentially, uses an unconventional design that makes it look unsteady, though with all the engineering thought and designing put into it, that’s exactly … Continue reading

    Charlie Turner Contemporary Clocks adds old world charm to your living space

    Clocks that have a distinctive design always grab the attention of guests. We have a few designs to present to you, that are capable of being the centre of attention in any living space. Composed by British film producer-turned cabinetmaker … Continue reading

    Trayvu, the in-flight entertainment system and tray table combined

    Skycast Solutions has come up with a pretty novel way to blend entertainment and beverage-serving modes in airplanes with the Trayvu. Basically an android-based tablet integrated into the seat-back tray of airplanes, this one sports a 8.9-inch touch screen and … Continue reading

    The Tactic Project helps the blind to maneuver through obstacles

    We’ve seen a host of products designed to make the lives of the visually impaired easier. This one seems to take the cake though, and is currently open source software by inventor Steve Hoefer. Called the Tacit, the wrist-mounted device … Continue reading

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