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    How to Cut Manufacturing Costs

    When working in the manufacturing industry, it is highly important that you manage to do it in such a way to maximize the money that you make while minimizing the potential for any losses. Thankfully for you, there are a … Continue reading

  • The History of Gaming in India

    Do you know that gambling in ancient India was not just a fun pastime activity, but also a means for conflict resolution? Instead of risking and losing human life going to war, kings would gamble over a game of dice … Continue reading

    6 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Theme for Your Website

    There are thousands of free and paid options available to download and buy. Your topic is your website’s overall look, feel, and style. This involves items such as color scheme, components of design and style. Essentially, your website theme is … Continue reading

    The Benefits Of Air Conditioning At Home

    Air conditioning is used to be considered as a luxury home appliance but because of its numerous benefits that go beyond comfort, it is now a machine that homeowners cannot live without. Hot summer days cause you to feel discomfort, … Continue reading

    Nendo creates minimalist Star Wars memorabilia

    The force is strong with those who manage to portray a lot with just a few cuts and curves. That’s why the minimalist work by Nendo has us impressed, especially since it is Star Wars that they’re covering. With a … Continue reading

    The Pendulum Sound Machine creates a unique beat

    The objects that inspire a beat pattern are countless. From falling rain to train tracks, everything creates a sequence of beat patterns that could be unique. Taking inspiration from the movement of record-styled rotating disks, Kyouei Design has created a … Continue reading

    Japanese studio Nendo designs an illusional post-it cube

    Design sees no boundaries because it’s just as wide an expanse as one’s imagination can be. So, when we set our eyes on this amazing post-it cube/block, we decided to share it with you. Designed by Japan’s Nendo design studio … Continue reading

    Cloakwork creates illustrated condom packages

    Malaysian illustrator, Cloakwork, has picked a peculiar subject to showcase his illustration prowess. Condom packaging for Durex has just received an overhaul with some cool illustrated designs that make your condoms look like actual props in an alternate universe. There … Continue reading

    New York could soon welcome home a floating city beach

    In crowded urban areas, finding a spot to relax under the sun on a bright spring day isn’t as easy as it sounds. Given the fact that skyscraping steel and glass structures are everywhere you look, open spaces turn into … Continue reading

    Baobed cocoon-shaped treehouse is designed to be hung from trees

    Why settle for and in the ordinary when you can have something extremely out-of-this-world and breathtaking instead, right? Here’s an unconventional way to lay back and relax, called the Baobed treehouse. Shaped like a cocoon, this concept treehouse can be … Continue reading

    Sol-Char project turns human poop into charcoal-like fertilizer

    Turning human poop into something usable isn’t a breeze, given that human intervention is required and humans aren’t up to a task like this, yet. So, Karl Linden, an environmental engineering professor at the University of Colorado, with a team … Continue reading

    Elio Motors unveils a $6,800 three-wheeled car!

    Well, the world won’t give up on three-wheeled “cars”. While the rickshaw and its motorized counterpart called the auto-rickshaw in India may have done extremely well as public transport backbones in Southern and Eastern Asia, not everyone is prepared to … Continue reading

    O2 and CO2 Fire Extinguisher Concept helps keep fires at bay

    Designers Chang Min-Chien, Shih Te-Chung, and Chuang Tsai-Feng understand the perils of fighting a blazing fire and have come up with a fantastic fire-fighting concept that could very well save lives. The O2 and CO2 Fire Extinguisher Concept makes killing … Continue reading

    The Galaxy concept keeps your champagne bottles cool

    Silver buckets that have usually housed champagne bottles could soon turn outdated. Milan-based Marco Dragotta showed off this awesome way to keep your bottles of glittering gold liquid cool. Called the Galaxy champagne bucket, this concept allows you to store … Continue reading

    EcoCoke concept bottle is eco-friendly and helps reduce carbon footprints!

    The soda beverage bottles we sip from these days could pretty much have a facelift in the near future; if designer Andrew Kim’s fabulously practical concept is brought to life. Called the EcoCoke concept, this revolutionary bottles sport a cap … Continue reading

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