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    The Romotow caravan expands out to increase space by 70%!

    Caravans are usually limited of space. So, New Zealand architectural and interior design firm W2 came up with a revolutionary caravan design that literally expands out into the surroundings on deployment! The concept design revolves around the idea that most … Continue reading

  • BBC host Jeremy Clarkson cruises around in a “futuristic” car we wouldn’t want to drive!

    When we envision futuristic cars, we sure as hell don’t think of contraptions as such! Recently, Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson was spotted driving around something we couldn’t stick a label on. Driving around London’s Mayfair, Jeremy managed to grab … Continue reading

    Boaterhome, the extremely cool campervan-boat hybrid!

    There are vehicles that catch your eye. And then again, there are vehicles that simply leave you stunned! One YouTube user recently uploaded this video of a completely cool, extremely awesome and sincerely unconventional motor-boat-cum-motor-home. From the looks of it, … Continue reading

    Alex Imnadze’s Lamborghini concept supercar is curvier!

    Lamborghinis have always been exceptional pieces of automotive design. The Italian car manufacturer is known to pull out some pretty awe-striking supercars that have left the best of us collecting pennies in a jar. Automotive designer Alex Imnadze recently came … Continue reading

    Wiesmann Spyder Concept touches speeds of up to 290 km/h!

    The 2012 Essen Motor Show recently saw the unveiling of a car that fits right into Batman’s parking garage. Called the Wiesmann Spyder Concept, this bulky car is based on the Wiesmann brothers’ early designs and uses the best of … Continue reading

    Mercedes Benz unveils the Ener-G Force Concept Car powered by hydrogen!

    Cars of the future are bound to kick fossil fuels away and edge towards cleaners ways to powering up. Just recently, Mercedes Benz unveiled a perfectly green ride that powers up on hydrogen. Called the Ener-G Force Concept Car, this … Continue reading

    C-Explorer 5, the world’s first underwater limousine!

    Submarines have never really been the most luxurious way to travel, until now. The U-boat Worx C Explorer 5 has recently been unveiled as the world’s first subsea limousine! Complete with an air-conditioning system and leather seats, this submarine has … Continue reading

    BMW unveils the new two-door i3 Coupe Concept!

    German auto-manufacturer BMW has just unveiled its latest vehicle in its futuristic range of cars. Called the BMW i3 Coupe Concept, this one uses LifeDrive architecture and includes a Life Module cabin. The car is an evolution of the current … Continue reading

    Covered with cushions, the iSAVE is the safest car around!

    Airbags do save lives. But their impact and untimely deployments can prove fatal too. Japanese company Humanix recently unveiled the iSAVE, the world’s safest car indeed! A three-wheeled electric vehicle, the iSAVE is covered with cushions made of sponge and … Continue reading

    Valkyrie, the futuristic mean-machine with a green heart

    The result of German automotive genius, the Porsche 911, has on previous account inspired many designers. The latest inspiration gave birth to this aggressive and futuristic motorcycle christened the Valkyrie, an electric motorcycle concept. Designed by Saad Alayyoubi, the bike … Continue reading

    Gatwick Airport to incorporate the use of RoboTaxis to ferry passengers

    In the near future, travelling to and from airport terminals could pretty much turn into a tech-packed and seemingly more comfortable affair. Leading the way ahead is the Gatwick Airport that is currently drawing up plans for futuristic cab-like transportation … Continue reading

    Emotion Kayak Spitfire 9, a comfortable way to kayaking!

    Kayaks more often than not aren’t the most comfortable way of getting around. These tightly squeezed water vessels are compact and are made to discreetly slice through the waters, turbulent or calm. Designer Evan Solida hailing from the United States … Continue reading

    The Netherlands to play home to glowing highways!

    Highways in the Netherlands could soon turn the world envious as the country is currently working on a futuristic and greener solution to make driving conditions better. Using photo-luminizing powders to replace road markings, the country will soon unveil glow-in-the-dark … Continue reading

    Triple-decker Busses make urban travelling easier

    In today’s cluttered urban environment, driving around in your own car can be pretty tedious at times, particularly if the city you live in is synonymous with cramped and packed streets. At times as such, hopping on to a mass-transport … Continue reading

    Jaguar unveils concept speedboat to complement the XF Sportbrake,

    British luxury car giant Jaguar is has been regularly rolling out sleek and suave high-performance cars that simply do not compromise on luxury. Now, to mark the debut of the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake, the manufacturer has unveiled a speedboat, … Continue reading

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